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What is the general census about GFT forex trading?

So recently (27th of July to be exact) I decided to open a demo account with one of these online forex platforms. I started trading on the 5th though. I started with $50,000 as most of these games do and have since in the past 18 days been able to return a $18,730 profit. I'm contemplating making the plunge and using real money, but i just wanted to see if forex knew if this was a reputable site and wether or not it would be a good idea. I also want to know wether people thing that the demo accounts are accurate representations of real forex trading. The website is
below are some images i took from the platform and proof of what i've been doing.
So the first is just the simplistic platform with my name a account number blanked out. The second is of the statement showing how much they owe me, although it seems as they they owe me more than my total profit, so if someone could tell me why that would be great. Image 3 and 4 are just proof of some trades i've done and you can see the account balance on the right.
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Broker question!

Hey /Forex, I have a broker question for you. I've been reading up on a lot of Forex, and I have demo traded with a few platforms and brokers (GFT's dealbook and OANDA, just to name a couple), and nothing has really stood out as the 'best' company to invest with. Does anyone have any opinion as to the most friendly, investor-oriented broker that offers a nice, free trading platform? Thank in advance!
Oh, and for what it's worth, I'm only looking to invest right around $1000, so either a mini or micro account.
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GFT  Getting Started with DealBook® 360 GFTmarkets - YouTube GFT Forex on USD/CAD, EUR/USD and USD/JPY - YouTube Finally Revealed: The $Trillion Dollar Forex Robot! Forex Trading for Beginners Part 1 - How Does Forex Work? The best Forex brokers. GFT Company (short) - YouTube Center Of Gravity Forex System GFT  Introduction to Forex GFT  MT4: Navigating

Bei einigen Anbietern müssen Forex Demo-Nutzer allerdings mit veralteten Kursen, befristeten Zugängen und lästigen Anrufen rechnen. Dennoch ist die Suche nach einem Anbieter mit einem Forex Demokonto durchaus eine gute Idee und das nicht nur für Einsteiger. Themenübersicht: 1. Unterschiede zwischen Devisenhandel Demokonto und Livekonto 2. Forex Demokonto Vergleich: Nicht jeder Broker ... GFT Forex Global Forex Trading Bewertung Trader Bewertungen für GFT Forex Add Review Ich begann den Handel mit GFT zurück im Jahr 2005 (ich ... has taken over this company. Other websites of this company include and 2008-10-31 NOTE: After several messages to GFT about changes to profit/loss levels after trades were closed, we got an answer. According to GFT, if the profits/losses are in a currency other than the currency your account is denominated in, this profit/loss level will be adjusted on the ... GFT Forex is a pretty well known Forex Broker that also offers a self developed Forex platform. GFT Forex is a retail broker but sometimes acts like an ECN broker which isn’t good at all. There’s not a lot to say about GFT Forex. Every trader made his own experience with them and some reviews are good and some claim that GFT Forex is a scam ... GFT Forex tries to mislead you. I'm running live and demo account with GFT side by side. I placed a sell stop @1.4357 on both accounts. The GFT Demo filled the sell order @1.4357, without slippage. The GFT Live filled the sell order @1.4353, with 4 pips slippage. I tried to close the live position @1.4349 but my market order was executed @1 ... Dieser Gft Forex-Broker kann viele kostengünstige Kameras anbieten, mit denen Sie viel verdienen oder verlieren können, und kann bis zur sogenannten “Null” gehen. Überprüfen Sie auf Ihrer Website sorgfältig, was dieser Broker anbietet. Es hängt von mehreren Zutaten ab. Bevor wir uns jedoch die Gft Forex-Brokeraktivität ansehen und herausfinden, was wir darüber denken, betrachten ... City Index Demo oder MT4 Demokonto Im Bereich des Demokontos zeigt sich bereits deutlich, dass das Geschäft des Brokers GFT zukünftig vom Anbieter aus der gleichen Familie, City Index, übernommen wird. Als Demo Depot gibt es zwei Varianten, zum einen das City Index Demo und zum anderen das MT4 Demokonto. Abhängig davon, für welche Variante sich der Kunde entscheidet, ist das City Index ...

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GFT Getting Started with DealBook® 360

An introduction to trading forex at GFT Markets. Trade more than 120 currency pairs with a global leader in the foreign exchange market. This video, Forex Trading for Beginners is part 1 is a series of many videos that teach you how to trade forex and "how does forex work". be sure to take notes and watch all of our free Forex ... Get help setting up and learning to navigate the MT4 trading platform. You'll be ready in no time to trade forex and track the market with MT4 at GFT Markets. gft forex learning forex forex directory forex information forex pip forex technical analysis forex trading news free forex charts free forex signals forex alert forex alerts automated forex ... Country of origin: Australia Leverage: from 1:50 to 1:400 Regulation: Registered with the Commodity Futures Trading Commission, is also a member of the Austr... GFT Markets is a global leader in online forex trading. GFT Markets believes in making markets more approachable, offering knowledge, value, and services for... forex demo forex investment forex platform forex strategies forex systems forex course center of gravity course forex live automated forex trading forex accounts forex analysis forex mini forex ... GFT Forex - Your one stop destination for all your Trading needs. Get to know about latest Trading deals, reviews of Top Brokers and also know about Binary Options. You can start trading online by ... Everything you need to get started on DealBook®360, GFT Markets' award winning forex trading platform. In the latest Targets In Focus of this trading week Dukascopy TV interviews Kathy Lien, Director of Global Research and Analysis at GFT Forex in New Jersey, ...