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Global agent recruitment NEEBank — the digital bank

Global agent recruitment NEEBank — the digital bank
During its process of NEEBank’s official launch at the end of 2020 (in Dubai) and its official operation at the beginning of 2021, NEEBank is proud to announce its global agent recruitment NEEBank.
NEEBank is a digital bank based in Dubai (the UAE), India and Singapore. It’s the first digital bank to operate all of its services online all over the world. Thanks to Blockchain application, NEEBank can get through all boundaries of borders, currency differences, communities, and the environment. The bank also works 24/7 free of charge (no registration fee, no account maintenance fee, no forex fee, etc..). Beside FREE services, NEEBank has many other competitive features such as high saving interest, appealing lending interest, NEECREDIT service — a smart feature to automatically evaluate a person’s credit by AI, using IoT and Blockchain.
Together with its key field (Finance — Investment), International Money Transfer — Remittance Services are also seen as NEEBank’s strength. These services are convenient, simple and user-friendly and can be used globally.
NEEBank offers this chance to all partners — individuals, organizations, business people — from all over the world to join us to enjoy wonderful benefits and advantages.

Global agent recruitment NEEBank
  • Search for and assist clients to open their bank accounts (IDBANK)
  • Perform exchange services (NEE Exchange)
  • Perform international money transfer — remittance services (NEEX)
  • Top-Up — allowing clients to deposit and withdraw money (ATM)
  • Perform other services: lending, saving, issuing cards, insurance, credit, bill payment, etc…
  • Get NEE rewards when a client opens a free account (with a Referral Link)
  • 10% reward when exchanging USDex
  • Get the differences between currencies when perform forex service
  • Get agent commission for 9 levels for saving, depositing, lending, credit services
  • 80% of the service fee for NEEBank’s services
  • Get20% cashback per month when completing payment / transactions with NEEBank’s acocunts
  • Get the interest at the rate of 24% — 36% for the deposit package
And many other advantages at the time of official operation of NEEBank in 2021
See detial
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Annual fee waiver for Credit Card

I hope I'm posting in the right section.
i have 3 credit cards
American Express Cobalt(Primary card) BMO Cashback World Elite (Secondary card for places that don't take American Express) Scotiabank Passport Infinite Visa(I travel to US and Asia a lot so this card has been very helpful)
As you can see all 3 cards have hefty annual fees but all of them have been very useful for me like. BMO's roadside assistance has been a life saver for me on many occasions and I also shop a lot at Costco which only takes mastercard.
Cobalt has been my primary spending card and I've been racking up points on them very quickly as I dine out very often. I have already redeem 2 flight tickets to US.
Since I'm travelling a lot for work, my friend recommended the visa one and I found it extremely helpful with the 6 lounge passes and the no forex fee. I noticed from my statement this card actually gives me 2 points everytime I use it to eat out and taking a bus or taxi. I'm not sure if any other card provides this benefit
I have been with bmo since my student days. I do use their premium banking plan and therefore don't pay the annual fees if i maintain $6k balance. They even offered me a safety deposit box for free and am also planning on getting my mortgage with them in the future, since I have a very good relationship with them.
Yesterday I spoke to a rep about my concern and he suggested to degrade my banking plan to a lower one. The annual fees is only charged in May so two weeks before the May statement, I can upgrade it again to a premium plan and once the bill has been generated I can downgrade again. Many of his clients have successfully done this a few times and no questions have been asked. He suggested to try this with Scotiabank as well
I want to know if anyone else in same situation have done something like this? Do banks generally agree to this trick? I never knew this kind of trick even existed until yesterday.
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Rogers Mastercard dropping from 4% to 3% cashback on foreign transactions, best alternatives?

I've been holding off on deciding on a replacement for my Chase card. Part of me was expecting that the day the card went defunct (yesterday), Amazon would announce a new partnership or maybe that they were planning on releasing a new card themselves. Wouldn't surprise me to see them make the move into banking.
Now that the doors have officially swung shut on any new charges, I was doing some research to see if anything has been announced or if any other new options have appeared, and came across these announced changes to the Rogers Platinum Mastercard, which had been the heir apparent for many people to replace the card.
As far as I could tell, no one has posted about these changes yet. It appears that Rogers kept their old terms right up until the card closed down, raking in the applications from people looking for an alternate foreign currency card, and then dropped their cashback by a full percent to take advantage of everyone now that they are one of the only games in town.
I already hated the idea of supporting Rogers by getting their card, so this puts the nail in the coffin for me on that front. I know about Home Trust, but they are inundated with applications and with a huge backlog. There's Brim, but they have not yet begun issuing cards and are an unknown and unproven. Scotia just announced a new Passport Visa with 0% forex fee on Monday, but it carries a very hefty $139 fee. Are there any other cards that have been announced or tweaked recently to be attractive to those of us who travel internationally?
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Apple banned cryptocurrencies purchasing for the Apple Card

Apple banned cryptocurrencies purchasing for the Apple Card
Users of the Apple Card, developed by Apple in partnership with Goldman Sachs investment bank and Mastercard, will not be able to buy cryptocurrency. Also, they can’t purchase casino gaming chips and lottery tickets, as well as betting on sweepstakes, the user agreement says.
According to the document, users are not allowed to use the Apple Card to receive cash loans and cash equivalents, along with “any illegal activity, including gambling on domestic or international websites or the purchase of illegal products or services.”
In particular, Goldman Sachs equates “the purchase of traveler’s checks, foreign currency or cryptocurrency” to the acquisition of cash equivalents.
It should be noted that Apple introduced the Apple Card in March 2019. You will be able to release a virtual card - and within a few minutes, it will be active thanks to Apple Wallet app.
You can pay with the card wherever Apple Pay works. For Apple Card users, there will be no annual fees, late fees, or fees for exceeding the limit. Also, the service involves the accrual of cashback - 2% of any purchases and 3% of purchases in Apple services.
Apple management noted that the company will not be aware of how much you spend and what you buy, so this data will not be available to third parties.
The application allows you to track statistics on purchasing, automatically distributing it into categories and adding the address where the purchase was made. The app uses artificial intelligence and geolocation data from Apple Maps for statistics. Later, Apple CEO Tim Cook announced that the Apple Card would appear in the US in August 2019.
You can find more information about the stock market, commodity market, and FOREX on the ITRADER site.
Risk Warning: CFDs are complex instruments and come with a high risk of losing money rapidly due to leverage. 84.16% of retail investor accounts lose money when trading CFDs with this provider. You should consider whether you understand how CFDs work and whether you can afford to take the high risk of losing your money.
Legal Information: ITRADER is operated by Hoch Capital Ltd., a Cypriot Investment Firm (CIF), authorized and regulated by the Cyprus Securities and Exchange Commission (CySEC) under the license no. 198/13, in accordance with the Markets in Financial Instruments Directive (MiFID II).
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Best CC for travel?

Hi guys! I'm a longtime lurker but don't really churn (yet!). I have a question about the best CC for travel. I'll be taking a couple of trips in the near future (the US and Europe), and would like to know what the best card is for travel in your opinion. By that I mean, best card for usage while abroad and not necessarily earning points for trips (although that'd be a bonus). I recently got the Fido Mastercard (for the 4% cashback on foreign currency transactions) but realize that card is now not as good anymore.
Ideally, I'd like a card I can use abroad without worrying about forex fees too much, having travel insurance, and other perks for travel. I also collect Aeroplan points and AirMiles but don't think I have enough for a trip. Thanks in advance for any advice you guys have to offer!
P.S. some info about me: I make around $75k. My average CC expenses are about $2k per month (travel, food, entertainment, etc). Mostly my expenses are for food, recurring bills and gas/parking. Thanks again!
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whats your credit card setup?

Scotiabank Gold Amex 4% groceries/restaurant/travel - 206.75$/month in 4% to breakeven
costco MC 3% restaurant as back up - 0$ breakeven
MBNA 2% $89 annual fee - catch all - 370$/month breakeven
Amazon Chase - US purchases (1.5% loss on forex but balanced off with 1% cashback)
anyway i can improve my setup?
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The first crypto-broker. What do you think about it?

Larson&Holz, an international group of companies, presented its innovative project – crypto-broker LH-Crypto, – at the Annual Business Congress in Moscow.
It seems that the event planners of the Annual Business Congress with Mikhail Hazin have tried to boil the ocean. The number of topics for discussion and their profundity were astounding. It was hard to believe that three days would be enough to speculate on: world’s major currencies prospects, US economy future, enlarging business profits in the times of crisis, sensible investment tactics, the phenomenon of cryptocurrencies which is gaining more and more popularity nowadays, etc.
However, when Mikhail Hazin and Jan Art, the famous experts, come on the stage, any trickiest challenge seems not that unsolvable at all.
One of the leading economists (macroeconomists) of Russia in his characteristic vivid manner gave a not-so-bright forecast for the American and global economy and prophesied for the forthcoming reshaping of economic models; he also stated the urging need to seek and implement new ideas.
“The global economy cannot survive on the same principles which have been raising it up for the past forty years. Giving people money and hoping for the respective increase in demand is a no go anymore. The developed countries’ population is so deep in depth that some households in the USA cannot cater their credits, not speaking about closing them. The average spending capacity of the US population is on the 1958 level.” said Mr. Hazin. This brings us to a question: what would the management system be after the fundamental changes? According to the economist, there already is an answer: cryptocurrencies. They owe their existence and popularity to the fact that for the past decades the financial system has been coming apart at the seams and the information on the real state of events is more available to people.
Vladimir Kuzovlev, Larson&Holz expert, has supported the statement that cryptocurrencies are worth paying attention to. At the very beginning of his speech he claimed that cryptocurrencies in general and bitcoin in particular have long since become real investment instruments, just as fiat currencies, oil or gold. Regarding technical analysis, a popular tool among traders, graphs of several cryptocurrencies look so appealing that it makes investors come to this market again and again.
Oleg Dmitriev, an independent specialist from Larson&Holz group, focused attention on how fast cryptocurrencies are evolving, upgrading the convenience of use and its status.
“Until recently about a half of what we were talking about could become a reason for criminal investigation, yet today operations with cryptocurrencies are absolutely normal, their invasion to the real world and their synergy with fiat currencies is ever growing” stated Mr. Dmitriev.
Currently there are 800 cryptocurrencies, their number is growing (each week there are approximately 2,5 new placements). Due to this there comes a reasonable question: how long will cryptocurrencies survive? All the participants and experts have agreed upon one opinion that there is no place for all 800 cryptocurrencies or more; so there will be some sort of fast natural selection; several dozens (maybe a hundred) of the most powerful, resilient and popular cryptocurrencies will stay and will later represent the whole market.
Naturally, the next speech was given by Alexandr Smirnoff, the Head of the Trading Operations and Audit Department of the brokerage house L&H, a top-20 trading guild leader and a famous specialist in market exchange technologies and financial consulting. Mr Smirnoff presented the revolutionary project LH Crypto. It’s not just another exchange platform that Larson&Holz is creating, it starts a fully-featured crypto-broker; it means that from now on the company’s clients will be able to have their accounts not only in USD and EUR, but in cryptocurrencies as well, and make the same operations as with fiat currencies. This step will radically change the broker’s economy, it will open new markets and new regions, where local laws had hindered Forex market development before.
LH Crypto will allow the broker to make settlements with China, India, Thailand, Malaysia, Vietnam, many Arab countries; what is more, there is no need to open real representative offices in any of these countries, therefore there is no need to acquire license for operational activity, which will reduce the operational expenses from 6% to 1%. The company launches an ICO to support this project in the autumn 2017; Larson&Holz will release LHCoin tokens with guaranteed (written in the smart contract) profitability of more than 20%. Moreover, LHCoin holders will benefit from programmes which provide additional profits. CASHBACK Program is a monthly payback to token holders as a fixed proportion from the operational activity of the company. Early Bird Bonus an effective instrument to support and reward first investors by means of price growth for the following investors.
“We presume that during the PRE ICO and the ICO itself we will manage to attract around 5-10 mln USD, but we won’t be surprised if the interest is higher, for we do offer an innovative product” said Alexandr Smirnoff. PRE ICO will start on the 30th of October, ICO – a month later.
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Earn highest daily forex cashback rebate with IntraQuotes up to 87.5%

It takes 30 seconds to open your FREE forex cashback rebate account with us.
Forex Cashback Rebate
Top benefits:

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Cashback (Tangerine) vs. Travel (AMEX Gold) - Thoughts?

After years of a mediocre 1% cash back card, I'm wanting to use my good credit rating to take advantage of some new cards but I am looking for other opinions on what is best to swipe for 99% of my purchases.
I'm looking at the Tangerine MC for no-fee 2% cashback, good acceptance, and reasonable forex fee. I'm also looking at AMEX Gold Rewards for the large point bonus and good point accumulation on spend. Also good travel benefits package with it as well, and FYF.
I go on roughly 1 vacation (out of Canada) per year (some smaller trips within province as well) so I'm not a frequent flyer or need to travel for work. Would a cash back card be better suited for me or would it be worth it to try and wrack up every last point and redeem for trips that I'll likely be taking once a year anyway?
My concern with aeroplan redemption is how long it will take to save up enough points for my partner and I to redeem travel; I feel like it may be better suited for solo travelers who want to redeem business (or higher) seats, based on what I've been reading. With some rough calculations, I could be earning about $300 annually with the Tangerine card if I maintain my normal spending habits - a nice little offset to travel costs.
Finally, we prefer to take advantage of deals that come through a variety of travel sites like YYZ deals, Skyscanner, etc so airline loyalty isn't a huge thing for us. My gut tells me the cashback card is the better choice but with all of the stories I've read on aeroplan redemptions, it's hard to pass up on starting the churn. Thoughts?
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ICO Azbit & 4T-Model. Part 3— Team

ICO Azbit & 4T-Model. Part 3— Team
Continuing our look at the “4 T’s” of Azbit’s ICO, today we come to the team — a crucial part of the success of any ICO. As we will see, Azbit has qualified professionals capable of implementing its roadmap on time.
  1. Availability of information on our team members
All the members of Azbit’s team, including our founders, are registered on LinkedIn under their real names, and their contact details are easy to find on our website.
  1. Proven achievements by the team members
For each team member listed on our website, basic details are provided of their professional background and achievements, which can be easily checked through LinkedIn and other public online sources. FFor example, it can be seen that three members of our management team, including one of our co-founders, as well as two of our advisors, have worked or are working on successful forex market projects, in particular at FxCash, one of leading companies in the forex market. This experience of working with popular forex market functions is highly important for us, as we aim to offer crypto industry participants unique trading and investment features for managing crypto assets.
  1. Well-known and experienced advisors
Azbit’s advisors include business angel and world-renowned crypto investor Roger Ver (CEO of and his colleague Mate Tokay. We will be advised on banking and European financial legislation by Elena Certa (Ermolitskaya), Director, FSA Direct Access Clients at Bank J. Safra Sarasin Ltd (Switzerland).
Our advisor on promotional marketing will be Max Selyuk, CEO of, one of the biggest partnership networks in the field of banking, finance, retail and e-commerce. And advising us on trading and investment will be Pavel Kalashnikau, co-founder and CEO of FxCash, one of the leading forex cashback services, and Sergio Tkacheu, a professional crypto trader and crypto investor.
  1. Direct links with the team members and Azbit’s support service
Questions can be sent directly to all Azbit’s management team through LinkedIn. Other communications channels available include our 24-hour (!) Telegram channel, the Intercom platform on our website, our Medium blog, the Azbit ICO thread on BitcoinTalk, our YouTube channel, and our public pages on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.
Azbit’s founders and advisors can be contacted either through our chat support service or directly via their personal accounts on LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, where they have accounts under their real names.
  1. The good reputation of the project and its team members
The reputation of Azbit and its founders, management team and advisors can be checked with the help of any search service and other open and publicly available online sources.
  1. Publicly available information on the legal aspects of the project’s ICO and management companies
Various legal documents regulating the relationship between Azbit and its users and investors can be downloaded from
Search services also make it easy to find information on the registration of AZBIT.COM OÜ in Estonia and of Azbit Limited in the United Kingdom. Meanwhile, legal support for the Azbit project and its ICO is provided by Law&Trust International, an international law firm, whose representatives are also ready to answer your questions.
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Which of these two cards for frequent US traveler?

I am having a hard time deciding which of these two cards gave better value. I would appreciate all feedback.
(1) Amazon.CA Chase visa
-no annual fee
-no forex fee (only visa international exchange rates)
-1% cash back on everything outside of and 2% cash back on, auto redeemed as credit every 20$
-card balance is paid in CAD$ so there is never a need to have US$
(2) QuikSilver Capital One MasterCard
-1.5% back on everything. No limit. US credit card
-already preapproved
-no annual fee
-requires me to do my own exchanges elsewhere (online, a bank, Norbert's gambit etc)
-I have a US TD bank account to pay off the balance and a TD borderless and cross border bank account to transfer the funds there for free so paying it off electronically is no hassle
I wasn't sure if I would save more in the long term by using the QuikSilver all the time and just doing my own conversions or if it would be more value to use Amazon's card instead. Thanks!
Edit: after some more contemplation, I think the Amazon card will return more cash back than the CapitalOne card, due to the fact that having 0% for a forex fee would save more than any other forex method no matter how low it is (for eg. less than 1% for Norbert's gambit), even after taking into account Amazon's low 1% CashBack vs CapitalOne's higher 1.5%.
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Cashback and Rebate 100% profit Forex Strategy Get rebates on your trading commissions - Cashback Forex ... Forex Strategy and 100% Forex profit Cashback and Rebate ... How How to Use the VIX in Forex Trading - Cashback Forex ...

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Cashback and Rebate 100% profit Forex Strategy

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